From Scotland, living in Canada. Apparently, I am au contraire, against the grain, unusual, unique, multifaceted – a bit of a ‘Sybil’. But the good thing about that is, I often collaborate with my inner selves to bring unpredictable elements to my writing. What you’ll find there is humour, diatribe, sentiment and introspective – whatever takes ‘our’ fancy.  I’m S P Mount and this blog is dedicated to my various works.  Thank you for stopping by.


S P Mount is originally from Scotland, but with an erstwhile career in worldwide tourism, has lived in many countries and currently resides in Canada. Having studied the art of writing in British Columbia, he has, to date, written seven books.

“A born storyteller” whose introspective pours out onto the page, S P Mount wrote three novels before the age of ten-yrs-old and is said to possess inimitable style; consistently delivering finely nuanced characters and descriptions with an audacious, largely humorous authenticity perhaps “reminiscent of Joyce and Salinger, but edgier”.

It is his mission to create uncompromising stories in both creative fiction and non fiction from a unique Scottish lens, often crossing genres, e.g. mixing paranormal and sci-fi with everyday lives and events that “has the reader believing that they might just be true.”

“Originality is key.”

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